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Video Clips Courtesy of Fred Sopher.


Charles Starrett Movies (Columbia)

• Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan) Cattle Raiders, 1938 (Bob's voice is dubbed over by an unidentified baritone)

• Ridin' on the Sunshine Trail (Tim Spencer) Stranger from Texas, 1939

• Old Pioneer (Tim Spencer) Stranger from Texas, 1939

• Yippi Yi Yippi Yo (Glenn Spencer) Stranger from Texas, 1939

• Coyote Serenade (Bob Nolan) Stranger from Texas, 1939

• It's a Cowboy's Life for Me (Glenn Spencer) Blazing Six Shooters, 1940


Roy Rogers Movies (Republic)

• Open Range Ahead (Bob Nolan) from South of Santa Fe,1942

• We're Headin' for the Home Corral (Glenn Spencer / Tim Spencer from South of Santa Fe, 1942

• I'm a Cowboy Rockefeller (Roy Rogers / Tim Spencer) from Sunset Serenade, 1942

• Ne Ha Neι (Bob Nolan) from Under Nevada Skies, 1946

• Five Little Miles (Bob Nolan) from Utah, 1945

• It's a Lie! (Bob Nolan) from Sunset on the Desert 1942

• Song of Arizona (Jack Elliott) from Song of Arizona, 1946

• The Nerve of Some People (Jack Elliott) from Lights of Old Santa Fe, 1944

• Cowboy Jubilee (Ken Carson) from Lights of Old Santa Fe, 1944

• I'm a Happy Guy in My Levi Britches (Tim Spencer) from Lights of Old Santa Fe, 1944

• Texas USA (Tim Spencer) from Rainbow over Texas 1946

• Down at the Old Hoedown (Gordon Forster) from Home on the Range 1946

• Home on the Range (Dr. Brewster Higley/Dan Kelley) from Home on the Range 1946

• Over the Rainbow Trail (Ken Carson) from Home on the Range 1946

• A Cowboy's Dream of Heaven (Jack Elliott) from Bells of San Angelo, 1947

• Wait'll I Get My Sunshine in the Moonlight (H. Guck / Jack LaMont) from The Gay Ranchero, 1948



• A clip from a 1983 TV show that I was on in 1983 with Roy Rogers. During the intermission I managed to get Roy to autograph an 8 x 10 glossy picture. (Fred)



Videos from Fans

The Touch of God's Hand video courtesy of Clinton R Maust Jr.

Cool Water video courtesy of Richard Harvey

Singing Along with the Sons of the Pioneers (to the tune of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" courtesy of Peter Burns



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