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The Wind is Warm Again

(Words: Bob Nolan / Music: Robert Wagoner)


You came like warm wind from the sea

And touched my heart with ecstasy,

Then promised to come back to me

When winds are warm again.

And so, I wait beside the shore

And so I will forevermore

Until I hold you as before.

The winds were warmer then.


Oh, darling, may you never guess

That there can be such loneliness

Or even know Iíve loved you so

Through all these empty years.


My teardrops fall and kiss the sand

Where once I saw you press your hand.

I close my eyes and there you stand.

The wind is warm again.

The wind is warm again.



(Recording: Robert Wagoner's "Trail of Memories", 2000.)


        The undated words were found scribbled on a sheet of notepaper from a Chicago hotel. Possibly, Bob wrote them in 1940 during the year the Sons of the Pioneers lived in Chicago when they recorded the Orthacoustic Symphonies of the Sage and appeared on the Uncle Ezra Show. However, the Pioneers were often in Chicago for rodeo appearances so we cannot date the song by the notepaper alone. We have been unable to find sheet music.

          After his death, Bob's daughter gave the poem to artist-singer Robert Wagoner who composed the melody you hear now and re-titled it Warm Again. "This was a poem that Bobbie Nolan sent to me that I wrote music to and recorded for her. I think it shows the soft sentimental side that was also very apparent in the beautiful island material that Bob wrote."               

         Bob Nolan used the title of this song as the final line in his last poem, My Mistress the Desert.


Recording by Robert Wagoner


The Calin Coburn Collections ©2004