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Barnyard Jubilee

(Bob Nolan)




Rooster crowing, Cock-a-doodle-oo-do!

Old cow mooing, the pigs they chime in, too.

Tomcat meowing but he dont mean no harm.

Cause the whole darn tribe, everything alive, had a shindig in the barn.


Well, I pulled the plug in my applejack[1] jug and I tipped her to the sky.

Took a hefty swig, started in to jig, Im feeling mighty spry.

Then I heads for the barn with the jug in my arm for to hide it there, you see,

When I opened up the door, in the middle of the floor was a barnyard jubilee!


Well, I heads straight back to the kitchen shack for to put myself to bed.

I says, says I, I think Ill die, Im a little tetched in the head.

In the middle of the night, I got an awful fright. Mr. Devil called on me.

Then he hits me a smack and he takes me back to that doggoned jubilee.


"Barnyard Jubilee" is another of Bob's hillbilly-style songs that were so popular in the early 1930s when the Sons of the Pioneers started out. The words were transcribed from the Standard Radio Transcription recording because we found no written music. The melody is similar to the traditional "Chicken". Today it is taken for granted that Bobs humorous songs were composed with Pat Brady in mind, but he wrote Barnyard Jubilee and Sky Ball Paint before Pat joined the Sons of the Pioneers. The song was registered for copyright on August 3, 2004.



Standard Radio Transcription

NBC Thesaurus Transcription

Teleways Transcription



Standard Radio Transcription #3063

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Lucky U Programs courtesy of Larry Hopper:

    24 March 1952. Transcription Disc TR-294, 295
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[1] Applejack is brandy distilled from fermented cider.