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Man from Music Mountain

(Re-released for TV as "Texas Legionnaires")


Republic Pictures Corporation

Release Date: 1943 10 30

Running time: 71 minutes,  (cut to 54minutes).

Key book (production) number: 1226





Plot Summary

Production and Publicity Stills


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This movie is available on DVD.


              Our copy of "Man from Music Mountain" is in very poor condition, edited down to TV size complete with new name. The loss of 18 minutes of film time means the loss of songs and scenes critical to the plot. For example, Paul Harvey is listed in the credits and appears only once. A scene with Hank Bell is missing. It also means that Ruth Terry, a singer in her own right, does not sing in this cut film.

            Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers appear in many scenes, each with a few lines, but Pat Brady is Roy's sidekick with the greater portion of dialogue. Pat and Renie Riano supply the comedy.

            The story line is a well-used one. An undercover lawman becomes suspected of the very thing he has been hired to stop. Unfortunately, so much is cut that the plot is difficult to follow.

            Worth seeing is a spectacular gag when two stuntmen fight furiously on the back of one running horse.







Roy Rogers as himself and Ruth Terry as Laramie Winters


Ann Gillis as Penny Winters


Sons of the Pioneers as themselves

(Courtesy of Fred Sopher)


Paul Kelly as Victor Marsh, George Cleveland as Sheriff Joe Darcy, Fred Burns, Paul Harvey as Davis and Roy Barcroft


Hal Taliaferro as Slade, Hank Bell as Adobe Joe Wallace, Jay Novello as Barker and Renie Riano as Christina



Opening Credits

Welcome Back to the Home Corral (based on "Press Along to the Big Corral")
Im Beginning to Care (Gene Autry / Fred Rose)
Song of the Bandit (Bob Nolan)
Smiles are Made Out of the Sunshine (Ray Gilbert / Morton Scott)

Possible Missing Songs: (various sources disagree)
- King of the Cowboys (Tim Spencer)
- After the Rain Frank Skinner / Ralph Freed)
- Wine, Women and Song (Con Conrad / Sidney D. Mitchell / Archie Gottler)
- Roses on the Trail (Allan Fleming / Tim Spencer)
- Im Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes (A. P. Carter / Don Marcotte)


            The town is welcoming radio star, Roy Rogers, back to his hometown and the story opens to the tune of "Welcome Back to the Home Corral" sung by a group of teenage girls.



            Laramie Winters and her younger sister, Penny, drive up and Penny jumps to join the choir. They all boo at her and tell her they don't want her because her family raises sheep. Sheriff Hal Darcy is shocked at their attitude and tries to smooth things over.



            Laramie, standing up for her sister, has words with the organizers of the show led by Victor Marsh. It is plain that, for some reason not yet apparent, that the town is against sheepmen.



            Laramie is all set to go home but Penny knows how to handle her sister. She challenges her; says she's afraid of the cattlemen. Laramie falls for the bit of psychology and decides to stay but forbids Penny to as much as clap for Roy Rogers, who is a cattleman himself. She is beginning to loathe even the sound of his name.

            Two of the Winters Ranch hired hands, Slade and Barker, leave the girls to enjoy the show while they return to the ranch.

            Just then Roy Rogers and his party (the Sons of the Pioneers and a man named Davis) ride up and the choir starts singing again. Roy is glad to be back and eager to show off his hometown.



            Penny calls to Roy who notices Laramie and calls out to her. Laramie ignores him.



            All unaware of the hostility between sheep and cattlemen, Roy gets down and mixes with the crowd which, starting with the sheriff, gives him a warm welcome. Adobe Joe Wallace calls him and forces his way through the crowd to the disgust of Sheriff Darcy who has been feuding with him for years.

            President of the Cattleman's Association, the bank and general Big Wheel in town, Victor Marsh pushes his way forward and makes a big show of welcoming Roy.



            In a restaurant, Victor Marsh meets with the two Winters' hired hands, Slade and Barker. We soon discover their treachery. Marsh orders them to tear down a long stretch of fence and drive Winters' sheep onto cattle range. When the ranchers see it, they will be furious. The next day, all goes according to plan. The fences are pulled down and the sheep pour out.           



            The watching cattlemen recognize the men as Winters men.



            Marsh meets Slade and Barker at a corral and instructs Slade to get rid of Adobe Joe.



            Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers are discussing Adobe Joe and wondering why he didn't turn up at the hotel as planned last night. Joe was on the trail of something important about the cattle feud. They hear Joe yell at them from a distance and see him racing toward them on horseback. Roy stops the car and waits for him with pleasure.



        Then they all hear a rifle shot and see Adobe Joe fall. Slade has shot him out of his saddle. Shocked, they stand still for a second or two then all run over to Joe. They are in time for him to say something about the Winters outfit and his final word was "Bark..." before he loses consciousness.



            Tim gets Roy's attention and they all see two horsemen leaving the scene. Roy jumps onto Hank's horse and follows them until he loses their tracks on rocky ground.




            He rides back to where the rifleman must have stood and finds an expended cartridge case with a peculiar mark on it.




            Roy rides back and catches up with the Bob Nolan and the other Pioneers who are hurrying Adobe to the hospital. He races Joe's horse alongside the car and jumps in, leaving the horse to find his way home.



            Adobe Joe is not doing well at all. Roy shows the men the shell he's found and shows them that it must have a defective firing pin because it's left a distinctive mark on the case. Pat points out the difficulty in finding the rifle that fired the shot but Roy promises to stay until he does find it.




            Next day the headlines scream out the murder story. We find Roy in Sheriff Darcy's office being sworn in as a deputy, a job he had held once before. Roy cautions secrecy and Darcy agrees.           



            At the Winters' ranch, the doorbell rings and Christina, housekeeper, smoothes her apron before she answers it. Christina tells them that they are not hiring cowboys and starts to close the door. Roy tells her that it is a social call on Penelope. Christina grudgingly lets them in. Penny, expecting her hero, has dolled herself up in her sister's clothes and makeup, trying to make herself look older than she is. She pretends to be reading a book when Christina shows them  in. When she sees Roy, Penny runs forward to hug him but runs into Pat, instead.            




            Penny wants to talk to Roy alone so he asks Pat to take the housekeeper out to see his horse, Daisy. I've seen a horse, said Christina, not budging from her chair. Pat hustles her out and they bump into Laramie, just coming in the door.



            Laramie demands an explanation and, hearing Roy is talking with Penny, stalks into the livingroom with scathing remarks about worming his way into the confidence of a little girl. Penny takes offense but Laramie is adamant and sends her out to change her clothes. Roy tries to persuade Laramie that he is taking neither side, that he believes someone is starting the feud for reasons of his own.

            Just then they are interrupted by the appearance of Slade with the news that the fence has been broken down and sheep are all over the place. Barker tells her that the ranchers were chasing the sheep and heading them toward a cliff. "Barker", Roy whispers to himself, recalling Adobe Joe's last word. Roy and Pat leave quickly to help. Laramie tries to stop them without effect. Slade tries to stop them and Roy tells them that there is no time to waste.



            Roy lassoes one of the ranchers from his horse. Pat attempts to do likewise but his rope catches a stump, dragging him from the saddle. Roy bulldogs another rancher from his saddle and is accused of double crossing his own friends. Pat and Roy try to talk some sense into the ranchers with the aid of Pat's revolver and then Laramie and her two men ride down to help.



            Of course, having the two factions face-to-face doesn't help matters and nasty words are hurled back and forth. Barker raises his gun and it fires into the air when Roy wrests it from him, thereby giving Roy a chance to check the cartridge casing. He ejects all the shells, returns the rifle to Barker, waits till everyone leaves and picks up the spent casing.



            On the way home, Laramie thanks Roy for helping. Roy wheels back to talk to Pat and Slade moves up beside Laramie. Roy shows Pat the shell and decides to stay at the Winter's Ranch for a few days. Pat doesn't see how Laramie would ever put up with a cowman on her property but Roy has a plan.



            Trigger apparently runs away with Roy and Pat yells for help then takes off after him. Slade and Laramie follow quickly. He falls from Trigger, is dragged



        Checking Roy over in Winters' bed, Pat says it's a very grave injury. "The tibula (tibia) and the fibula have gone haywire," he says. "The cerebellum has suffered a cranial cataclysm," he announces after using a magnifying glass on one of Roy's ears. "I'm afraid myasteria (myasthenia) gravis with neocropsy (necropsy) might set in." In other words, a concussion, he says, and gulps, hoping they'll be medically ignorant enough to swallow all that. He suggests that Roy stay where he is for at least a week.



         Christina objects to a cowboy in their best bedroom but Laramie reminds her that Roy saved their livestock and this is the least they can do for him. Roy groans and Pat asks them to leave. Roy asks him where he learned all those big words and Pat tells him he used to room with a horse doctor.



            Just as Roy tells Pat that they've fooled Laramie, Penny opens the door quietly and listens. When she's heard enough, she comes right into the room and promises to keep the secret.



            The next day Penny welcomes Bob and the Sons of the Pioneers in to serenade Roy. Christina tries to object but her heart isn't in it and she tells them to go ahead. The Pioneers are suitably impressed [The film is cut here and we don't hear the song.]



            Laramie walks in on the group and demands to know what is going on. She is sure she heard Roy's voice but he appears unconscious and Pat takes the blame.



            Roy begins to "regain consciousness" , mumbling words like "beautiful girl" and "sheep" to himself. Penny runs to him, puts her hand on his forehead and blames Laramie for making him delirious. Laramie asks the Pioneers to leave so Roy can have the utmost quiet. After they leave, she sits on the edge of his bed and Roy continues to mumble, "Laramie" and "nice girl". Laramie murmurs that he's not so bad himself and leaves the room. 



            In the bar, Barker and Slade are once again meeting with Marsh. They object to Rogers being on the ranch. Marsh reminds them that soon the government will be revoking grazing licenses and his men will step in and apply for new ones. The only cattle that will be grazing there will be Marsh's. When the government hears about one more problem between the cattlemen and the sheepmen, they will crack down on both factions.



            While Laramie reads a magazine, she hears Roy's voice outside her window singing "I'm Beginning to Care". She puts on her jacket and joins him. Penny hears him, too, and stands in the dark, listening to her hero.




            Her face changes as she sees Laramie and she becomes very sad and turns away, meeting Pat with a bouquet of flowers for Laramie. Pouting, she tells him that she's on the balcony with Roy. Disgusted, Pat tells her that Roy is always beating his time. Looking at him with an idea in her head, she asks Pat if he likes Laramie. She encourages him to exert himself and win Laramie for himself.



            Pat runs for his guitar and starts singing only to be covered with water from the pitcher in Christina's hand.



            While he leaves, he sees Barker by the corral. He tells Roy and they watch him out of the window. They decide to follow him.



            Meanwhile, Laramie is accused by Christina of being moon-eyed and she doesn't object until they see Roy and Pat leave on their horses. Realizing she has been duped, Laramie runs out and gets her men together.



            Roy and Pat follow Barlow to a lake where he joins four other men. They watch while the men leave with shovels and start moving rocks by the lake. They see Barker take dynamite out of his pack and they realize Barker is going to blow up the reservoir. A rock is loosened by one of their feet and Barker's men leave what they were doing and start firing.



            Laramie and her men hear the shots and ride to the reservoir while Roy and Pat run down to see what has been done. By the time Laramie and her men arrive, Roy and Pat are compromised. The tools are all marked with Laramie's marks and it looks like Pat and Roy were going to blow up the reservoir themselves to blame her.



            Roy, trying to persuade Laramie to believe him about the plot, takes the shell out of his pocket and tells her he found it near Adobe Joe's body and that Barker's gun did the same thing. Barker, hidden in the shadows, hears him and trades rifles with one of the other men in his gang then tells him to leave.



            Barker leaves cover and walks toward the others at the shore. He tells Laramie that he saw her leave the ranch and he followed her as quickly as he could.



            Laramie asked Slade to fire the gun so she could see one of the shells. A glance passes between Slade and Barker. The shell is obviously quite different. She tells Slade and Barker to bring Roy and Pat back to the ranch and she will call in Sheriff Darcy. They disarm the two men.



            Laramie wanted to prefer charges against Roy and Pat, putting Sheriff Darcy in a spot.  Meanwhile, Penny persuades the guard at the door to let her take food to the prisoners.



            Once in the room, she provides a diversion by pretending to bawl them out then faint, indicates the gun to Roy who takes advantage of it and the two men escape.



            The sheriff promises to talk to Roy. Penny locks the front door and hides the key. Laramie is slowed down by the locked door. Slade and Christina see the men ride off and Christina tripped Slade when he fires at them.



            Up on Music Mountain, the Sons of the Pioneers sing "Song of the Bandit" as they wait for Roy. Roy explains to the boys what is going on and what they will do - catch Marsh red-handed.



            Bob and Tim spot the outlaws moving a herd and send for Roy.




            The Pioneers and Roy chase the outlaws off this time but they hole up in the rocks. Roy and the boys take cover and a gunfight ensues.



            Slade and Barker start climbing but Roy sees them and goes after them. Barker and Slade start firing on the Pioneers from a high vantage point and Roy gets the drop on them. Then Slade kicks Roy's gun out of his hand and Roy has to fist fight two men. They fall and roll on the steep grade.



            Bob and Pat bring Barker in and the others but Slade escapes when he hears that Roy is a deputy. He has to warn Marsh. Roy mounts Trigger and follows but loses him. Roy heads for Winters ranch.



            Slade finds Marsh and tells him Roy is headed for Winters' ranch to spill the whole story. The two men decide to get to Winters' ranch before he does. Marsh thinks Rogers is playing right into his hands.



            Marsh and his men tell Laramie that Roy and other cattlemen are on their way to raid her ranch. He is going to help protect her. She is suspicious because Marsh has never been friendly before. Penny is listening outside the door.



            Christina tries to phone Darcy but the line has been cut. Christine tries to find Penny to get her away from the house but she hides and steals away on a horse to warn Roy of the trap.



            Penny tells Roy to come with her to show him a secret way into the house.



            Roy instructs the men to shoot high because of the women in the house. The men spread out.



            Roy sneaks into the house and gets the drop of Marsh and his men.  Slade reaches for his gun but Roy fires first.



            Roy sets both his guns on a lamp table and moves away. He explains to Laramie exactly what Marsh has been doing and what his plans were. Marsh responds with, "You can't prove it" but Roy tells him he has Barker and he has already talked. Roy turns his back on Marsh and moves away. Marsh dives for the guns Roy left on the lamp table, thereby giving himself away. But Bob drew his gun quicker and foiled that move.  Quick as a cat, Marsh pushed one of his men into the couch, upsetting it into the boys, distracting them long enough for him to escape out of the window.



            Roy follows him and jumps onto the back of Marsh's horse with him. Then follows a fight on horseback that ends with Roy loosening the cinch. The both fall off the horse and Roy beats Marsh in a fist fight down a sharp incline.



            The story ends with Roy and the Sons of the Pioneers on the stage singing "Don't Forget Smiles are Made Out of the Sunshine".




Publicity and Production Stills:


Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Earl Bryant




Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Earl Bryant




Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey




Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Fred Sopher









Courtesy of Earl Bryant



Tim Spencer with Roy Rogers

Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey







Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Earl Bryant


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Les Adams


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Sheet Music: