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Roy Rogers & The Sons of the Pioneers'

Tour of the State of Texas (Feb. 7-26, 1943)



"Roy Rogers, during his recent Army Camp Tour through the State of Texas, achieved a commendable record of public service. Under the sponsorship of The Eighth Service Command of the Southwest, The State of Texas, Interstate Theatre Circuit, The Theatre Owners of Texas, and Republic Pictures, Roy Rogers performed for the entertainment pleasure of countless thousands of men in the service and made appearances at bond sale activities, stage canteens, base hospitals and for underprivileged children.


"Accompanied by The Sons of the Pioneers and Roy's Famous Horse "Trigger", Roy Rogers gave 136 performances in the short period of twenty days in the cities of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Temple, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Wichita Falls and Amarillo.


"The photographic record of the trip which is presented in this brochure is an everlasting tribute to a group of outstandingly unselfish and talented western stars, who have won their way into the hearts of the men of the service and civilians in every walk of life in America." (from the brochure)


Unsaid, but implicit in this introduction, is the fact that Roy and the Pioneers donated their time and talents. "The military appearances (all 130 +) were done gratis. Many entertainers toured the military bases during WW II. The USO sent out many performers including Dale Evans. The big stars did it gratis. It's possible the lesser stars were paid a small amount, I'm not sure. You can bet Roy and the Pioneers did it to support the troops." (Laurence Zwisohn)


Also, an exhausted Roy developed strep throat that put him into hospital in Amarillo and left him forever susceptible to colds. (p 48, "The Answer is God" by Elise Miller Davis, 1955.)




February 7-10 Houston

February 11-13 San Antonio

February 14-15 Austin

February 16 Temple

February 17 Waco

February 18-20 Dallas

February 22-23 Wichita Falls

February 24-26 Amarillo


Brochure images courtesy of John Fullerton. The images have been inserted in large format so you can examine the complete 10 1/2" x 13 1/2" brochure in detail.











Courtesy of Bruce Hickey






"Above seen on stage of San Antonio theater during a personal appearance tour of Southwest Army camps.

"Kids from 6 to 60 always flock to see and hear them (in person).

"Through radio and movies the Pioneers have become National favorites."











Waco (Private Collection)