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              Calin's Grandparents,

                    Pearl & Bob Nolan



"The Lone Ranger" and "Rango",

Johnny Depp movies using

"Tumbling Tumbleweeds"

(Gene Autry recording)

and "Cool Water"

(Hank Williams).



Jenny Richards

Memorial Voice




Casey Tibbs book by

Rusty Richards






1908 - 1980



Pencil Sketch by William Bowen


     Singer, songwriter, actor and poet, Bob Nolan was instrumental in creating "Western" music, a uniquely North American art form. Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds are two of his best-known songs but they are only the tip of the iceberg.  Check out the hundreds of recordings of these two songs. Most of his songs were not derived from European folk music as were a large number of traditional "Cowboy" songs. They were not "Country" songs, either. Bob's were entirely original - often pure poetry set to unusual and difficult melodies. An admirer once told Bob that he painted the West - and his brush was music. The new sound caught the imagination of the public in the early 1930s. Contemporary musicians began to imitate, western movies picked it up and the genre was popular for thirty years.


     The Biographies section opens a small window into the life of this private man by using video clips from his films and hundreds of photos from his own personal collection. Read about his early life and career and also how he spent his retirement years. Learn more about his famous brother Earl, his half brother Mike, his adventurer father Harry, and the tragically brief life of his mother Flora.

     Sample over 150 of Bob Nolan's songs plus the  lyrics. High quality scans of selected original sheet music or lead sheets are for sale by request to Calin Coburn.

     His friends and co-workers recall their memories of Bob Nolan in Recollections. Read what his fans say about him in Reflections. Perhaps you have written a poem about Bob or the Sons of the Pioneers. If you have some stories or pictures of Bob Nolan  you would like us to put on our website, please Contact Us.

     Look through the photo collections of Bob's fans, read the old fan magazines and newsletters, Tumbleweed Topics and the Prairie Prattler Find the movies.   Find the songs from the movies. Take a look at the current Sons of the Pioneers.

      Are you looking for Sons of the Pioneers CDs? Check out our Discography page with many reviews by OJ Sikes. You will also find that your favorite music vendor carries albums by current artists recording the old songs.




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